Norway Lake

Good Neighbour Reminders


The lake has tested positive for the existence of the spiny water-flea.
Originally native from Europe and Asia, The spiny water-flea is a zooplankton that feeds on other zooplankton that are important food sources for native fish.  
The flip side is they themselves are not a great source of food for native fish so it damages the fish habitat. So far there have been no signs of zebra mussels which can be a massive nuisance to boats, docks and lake bottoms. 

Norway Lake’s protection from these invasive species depends entirely on everyone’s adherence to good practices with our boats and watercraft. 

What you can do to stop the spread of the invasive zebra mussel:
> Inspect boat, trailer, and other recreational equipment ( eg canoe or kayak) that have been in contact with other bodies of water.
> Remove all mud, plants, or animals re same
> Drain all bilge water, live wells, bait buckets, and all other water from your boat, engine and equipment.
> Wash all parts of your boat, paddles, and other equipment that have been in contact with other bodies of water…
> Dry boats and trailers in sun for five days before launching into another body of water.
> Cottage Rentals – may be non-applicable this year but: If you are renting your cottage or if you are expecting guests that will be bringing their own boat, these boat cleaning guidelines are especially important!



Please be respectful of other cottagers and review the attached Norway Lake Good Neighbour Reminders for road safety, water safety, no wake in rivers or near docks, water quality, personal watercraft, pets, wild animals, environment, noise pollution, and night pollution.

Remember, we are all here to enjoy Norway Lake.