Norway Lake


2022 Early Summer Newsletter:

Hello Norway Lakers! 

I hope everyone is happy and healthy! It’s been a long two years since our last Annual General Meeting (AGM) and there should be lots to catch up on, so be sure not to miss this one!

The Gauthier family has graciously offered to host this year’s event at their home on 520 Southside Way.  We will be holding it a little later in the month than is our norm so please save the date, Saturday July 23rd at 10:00am.  Due to COVID precautions there will be no BBQ this year, however bottled water and a few packaged snacks will be offered.  Norway Lake merchandise will also be available for purchase. More information will follow as we get closer to the date.

Attached you will find a draft 2022 copy of the Norway Lake Cottage Owner Map. Please email David Johnson with any updates or corrections at  Final printed versions will be available at the AGM.

The Norway Lake Annual Golf day will be held this year at the Calabogie Highlands Golf Course, on Saturday August 20th with an 8:30am start time, and scramble (best ball) format. Contact Nat Garrow at for more information, and to enter a team.


2021 Early Summer Newsletter:

June 25th
Greetings folks! 

Summer has officially arrived, and with the beginning of summer activities it is an opportune to notify members of  this year’s NLA events, and also to remind everyone of our water safety guidelines, which has helped us to enjoy what we have had here on this beautiful lake for so many years. 
The following is an excerpt from our NLA website and can be found at  under “Good Neighbour Reminders”…
“WATER SAFETY – Observe speed limits and be aware of swimmers as well as snorkelers and divers. – Maximum speed is 10 km/hr within 30 meters of any shoreline (even the islands). – Be aware of the New Boating Regulations including the necessity for a license to operate a watercraft. – Stay clear of boats that appear to be fishing and remember that their lines may extend far behind the vessel. – Remember that alcohol consumption while operating a watercraft comes under the same law as any other motor vehicle and is just as dangerous. (Norway Lake is visited on a regular basis by both the Ontario Provincial Police and the Ministry of Natural Resources) – Try to stay vigilant for the many loons that we are lucky enough to share the lake with. This is of special importance when they have their young with them.

NO WAKE IN RIVERS OR NEAR DOCKS – Right of way goes to sailboats/boards. – Common courtesy is to be extended to canoeists, kayakers & paddle-boaters. – Some watercraft are specially designed to create large wakes (even at slow speeds). Please be conscious of the damage that can be done to shorelines and docks by what may seem like “fun” to you.” 


WHEN:  Friday, August 20, 2021
WHERE: Dragonfly Golf Links,  955 Opeongo Rd, Renfrew

START TIME: 9:20 am. There will be no shotgun start this year. Every team will start at the 1st Tee box at your scheduled tee time. We have twelve  tee times booked, with 1st Group off at 9:20 with eight minute intervals, so 2nd Group will be at 9:28 and so on.   

TEE BOXES: Men hit from white tees and Women from black
Dragonfly Covid-19 Policy for arrival: Please do not arrive more than 20 minutes before your scheduled tee time.
PAYMENT:  Please have one designated person of each team pay for their team and that person can collect from their teammates prior or after.
COST: Will confirm with Dragonfly but $55-57 with cart. 
FORMAT: Scramble (all players tee off, choose which shot is best, and all play their next shots from the location of the bestshot until holed in.)
RULE: Must use at least one drive of each team member
CONTESTS:  Closest to the Pin: TBD
QUESTIONS: Nat Garrow ( or text 613-371-1438).
Thanks to you all for participating in our annual NLA Golf Day.


June 10 ,2021
Hello Norway Lake Association Members!
No Annual General Meeting this Summer!

The Directors and Executive met Wednesday Jun 2nd on ZOOM Due to the restrictions
around large gatherings and the uncertainty about when the province will be moving to
Phase 3 when such gatherings are permitted, the decision was made to cancel the 2021
Annual General Meeting. Under the circumstances, the current Executive and Directors
have agreed to continue in their positions until the summer of 2022.

The AGM has been a great opportunity over the years to stay connected with other
cottagers and residents. We still want residents to feel that connection and our
newsletters and updates on our website at hopefully help. If there are
concerns you may have, please do not hesitate to reach out to one of us.

In Memorium
As we gear up to move back to our summer homes we are often
saddened to hears news about long time friends and neighbours who are no longer with
us. This year we thought it would be a nice gesture to post to our website those who
have passed away. If you have a loved one you would want to have mentioned please
send us their name and if possible a photo/link to their obituary and we will post to our
website. (note Fauve Gauthier is our web administrator – thanks Fauve!)

Membership and Financials
NLA membership fees waived again for 2021! ☺
NLA has a bank balance of approximately $1,450 (down $330 over previous year) and
given the concerns around collecting dues it was agreed to waive collecting membership
dues owing for 2021 and instead encroach on the reserve balance once more to pay
FICA dues and fees for website maintenance.

NLA Golf Day
Circle the date. There is still planned to be an NLA Golf Day on Friday, August 20th at
Dragonfly. More details will be forthcoming from Nat Garrow our Golf Day
coordinator. Golfing is permitted under current health regulations.

Water Testing
Due to COVID there was no testing last year. We will be getting a kit from the Ministry
this year and conducting testing
Reminder : The lake has tested positive for the existence of the spiny waterflea,
originally native from Europe and Asia, The spiny waterflea is a zooplankton that feeds
on other zooplankton that are important food sources for native fish. The flip side is
they themselves are not a great source of food for native fish so it damages the fish
habitat. So far there has been no sign of zebra mussels which can be a massive
nuisance to boats, docks and lake bottoms.

Norway Lake’s protection from these invasive species depends entirely on everyone’s
adherence to good practices with our boats and watercraft.
What you can do to stop the spread of the invasive zebra mussel:
– Inspect boat, trailer, and other recreational equipment ( eg canoe or kayak) that have
been in contact with other bodies of water.
– Remove all mud, plants, or animals re same
– Drain all bilge water, live wells, bait buckets, and all other water from your boat,
engine and equipment.
– Wash all parts of your boat, paddles, and other equipment that have been in contact
with other bodies of water.
– Dry boats and trailers in sun for five days before launching into another body of

Cottage Rentals
They may be non-applicable this year but: If you are renting your cottage
or if you are expecting guests that will be bringing their own boat these boat cleaning
guidelines are especially important!

Norway Lake Map update
David Johnson continues to update the map of the lake showing cottage owners and
addresses. If anyone would like a copy (members only – not to be distributed) you can
email David . He also appreciates any updates if there are any changes.

Dam Busting
The dam that helps maintains water levels at the outlet from Norway lake was broken
recently and you will notice water levels have fallen. This is a reminder that the Fish and
Wildlife Conservation Act states a person shall not damage or destroy a beaver dam
unless the person holds a licence to do so.
From all of the directors and executive we wish you a safe, COVID-free and happy
Mark, Jake, Susan, Bruce, Ruth, Fauve, David,
Anna, Glenda & Larry